Frequently Asked Questions

The program is for anyone (18+) feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed, who is ready to make a change in their life in order to feel better.

More specifically, Mitsu is for anyone struggling with a range of negative thought, emotional, and behavioural patterns – such as excess worry; overthinking; dwelling on the past; negativity and hopelessness; self-criticism and worthlessness; chronic guilt, shame, or sadness; persistent procrastination or demotivation; or emotional overwhelm – who wants to learn how to recognise and replace them with healthier patterns. includes:
  • Lifetime access to engaging videos that explain key concepts and techniques
  • Lifetime access to evidence-based skill-building activities
  • Lifetime access to evidence-based calming techniques
  • 10 weeks of unlimited chat support from an experienced therapist
  • 2 video calls with your therapist whenever you want them within the first 10 weeks
  • Daily mood tracking and journaling
  • Reminders and prompts to keep going
  • Additional calls and extended chat support from your therapist are available at an additional cost
Mitsu’s program costs include:
  •  the intro call with your therapist (₹399)
  •  8-week, personalized program (₹4,000), which is about 70% less than the price of taking in-person sessions
Still, have doubts? You can do a 1-week trial of the program, for the following costs:
  • the intro call with your therapist (₹399)
  • one-week trial of the program (₹599). Upgrade at any time and get access to the remaining 7 program weeks (₹3,401)

Yes! The average Mitsu member experiences an 80% decrease in their symptoms of poor mental health after 8 weeks in our program.

Members tend to notice smaller improvements earlier, however, at the midpoint of the program. By 4 weeks, Mitsu members experience ~45% decrease in their symptoms on average.

Mitsu’s program was developed by our in-house team of clinical psychologists, led by our Head of Clinical Program, Dr. Mrigaya Sinha, Ph.D. (NIMHANS) and Post-Doc (Staunton Clinic, USA).

Dr. Sinha’s expertise ensured the program is evidence-based, meaning it is rooted in some of the most-studied and beneficial modes of therapy for people struggling with stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms. These include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), each of which has a strong body of evidence attesting to their effectiveness. For more information on this research, visit our Evidence page.

Absolutely. Privacy is essential to therapy, whether it’s digital and self-led, or conventional and in-person. All program work and messaging will remain private and protected by a password of your choice. For more information, you can refer to our privacy policy.

Individual member data are only accessible by your therapist. No one else in our company has access to individual data, not even another therapist on the clinical team. Every therapist has a separate login and dashboard where they only interact with members assigned to them.

All the data is stored in secure cloud servers (Amazon Web services). We don’t store any data on any systems.

You are offered a customised program based on your Mood Check-in results as well as the conversation with your therapist, wherein you set your mental health goals.

Also, your therapist may provide supplementary material during the program and answer your specific concerns to ensure you get personalised support.

One of the primary goals of therapy is to help people develop resilience by building skills to manage their own mental health. Guided self-therapy means building those same skills outside of an in-person therapy session, but still with support and guidance from a skilled therapist. Two decades of scientific research has found this approach can be as effective as traditional, in-person therapy. combines the convenience of structured, self-led digital study of the same concepts and techniques used by therapists all over the world, with the expertise of continuous chat and call support from a dedicated therapist.

It is true there is valuable information on the web. However, it is seldom structured or credible; at best this makes it difficult to learn and apply, and at worst, it can further harm mental health.

Mitsu offers the clarity and credibility of a step-by-step curriculum developed from the most rigorous research available. Mitsu also offers the expert attention of a dedicated therapist who facilitates learning and guides practical application so you can understand, apply, and feel better, faster.

In-person therapy is undoubtedly beneficial. But it also is difficult to access and highly variable in outcomes for the following reasons:

  • There is a shortage of trained mental health professionals, resulting in long wait lists
  • The field is unregulated, allowing untrained practitioners of questionable quality to practise
  • It’s expensive, time consuming & logistically complicated, requiring travel, schedule alignment, physical privacy, high-speed internet, etc.
  • You may not ‘click’ (and thus be able to work effectively) with the first therapist you try is a credible, supportive, less expensive, and more convenient alternative that teaches the same skills and strategies as traditional, in-person therapy sessions.

The current version of Mitsu is only available in English. However, we are currently working to expand to a Hindi option, and hope to add more languages in the future.

The first step is to take our Mood Check-in, a scientific questionnaire used by therapists all over the world to determine the frequency, and intensity of poor mental health symptoms.

Then, you schedule an introductory video call with your dedicated therapist at a time convenient to you.

Finally, you download the app and enrol in the program.

During this introductory video call, your therapist will discuss your Check-in scores and your mental health goals. This helps them in customising the program to best suit your needs.

You can also speak about any current concerns you may have. Furthermore, the therapist will explain how Mitsu’s program can help you in achieving your goals.

Not at this time. We have found the intro call exceptionally useful in (a) personalising the program to members’ needs, and (b) establishing a supportive therapist-member relationship.

Yes. Members retain lifetime access to all program content, including lessons, activity work, and chat records.

Active chat and call support ends after 10 weeks, but post-program members can continue to connect with their therapist via chat or calls by paying an additional fee. So you will always have the support you need with Mitsu.

Also, Mitsu is actively developing add-ons to our 8-week program, to help people with specific struggles, such as work-life balance, anger management, sleep problems, and relationship conflict. We will be launching these in the near future and hope to support you further in this way.

Also, all members are encouraged to follow on Instagram and @MitsuCare on YouTube, where they’ll find empathetic, scientific, and enabling mental health communities and content.

Mitsu does not provide prescriptions for medication. We do not have any psychiatrists (medical doctors) on our staff.

No, unfortunately. If you are at risk of harming yourself or another person, please stop and immediately contact one of the following resources:

24/7 helplines:
14416 and 1-800-891-4416
Languages: English, Hindi, all regional languages

Vandrevala Foundation
99996 66555
Languages: English, Hindi, 10+ regional languages


Languages: English, Hindi, regional languages

Mpower 1-on-1
Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, and regional languages upon request

4-10 pm helplines:
Samaritans Mumbai
84229 84528 | 8422984529 | 84229 84530
Languages: English, Hindi, regional languages