Mitsu is an innovative mental healthcare company that is revolutionizing therapy in India.

More than that, we're a movement to...

… make minds healthier

… make mental healthcare effective and accessible

… redefine mental health as a spectrum everyone experiences

… end the stigma towards poor mental well-being

Right now, millions of Indians suffer from poor mental health.

And their only options for professional care are ineffecient or inaccessible.

That's why we've built Mitsu.

We’re a team of entrepreneurs, psychologists, engineers, and communicators with firsthand experiences of stress, anxiety, and depression. We share a passion for building a future where mental health isn’t a barrier for anyone to live up to their fullest potential.

Our team


Head of Clinical Program


Head of Content


Clinical Psychologist


Clinical Psychologist


Customer Support Manager


Frontend Developer

Join us to support millions in the journey to good mental health.