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Online self-therapy for depression, anxiety, and stress, guided by psychologists.

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What makes Mitsu the best app for depression, anxiety & stress?


Our data show members’ anxiety and depression symptoms reduce by ~80% after 8 weeks of Mitsu’s program.

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In just ~30 minutes each week, at any time, from anywhere, you can start overcoming depression, anxiety, and stress symptoms.


Looking for a good psychologist near you? Look to your phone! Receive continuous support from your dedicated Mitsu therapist.

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For 70% less than you’d pay for weekly therapy sessions, you get: 2 online sessions with your dedicated psychologist, 10 weeks of unlimited chat with them, and lifetime access to 8 weeks of clinical self-help lessons

How Mitsu works

  1. Take our gold-standard mental health assessment to gauge your symptoms.
  2. Discuss the scores, set goals, and get your package personalized during an intro call with your Mitsu psychologist.
  3. Enrol for 70% less than the cost of weekly therapy sessions.
  4. Start your journey to better mental health, guided by your dedicated psychologist.

How Mitsu works

Take our gold-standard mental health assessment to gauge your symptoms.

Discuss the scores, set goals, and get your program personalized during an intro call with your Mitsu psychologist.

Enrol for 70% less than the cost of weekly therapy sessions.

Start your journey to better mental health, guided by your dedicated psychologist.

Take our anxiety & depression mini-test can help anyone looking for affordable therapy to beat stress, anxiety, or depression. But how do you know if this is what you need?

Our free, online anxiety & depression mini-test can answer that question. The quick, 4-question screening is based on the PHQ-2 and the GAD-2, tools used by psychologists globally.

What members say about Mitsu

Thoughtfully built, easy-to-use
Mitsu care is helping me become a better version of me. Clearly a lot of care and thought has gone into building the app. They know the difference between reading about and putting the skills to use - they've given time to soak it all in. My favorite part has been the constant check-ins with their therapist. Yes I signed up to help myself, but it really helped to have a trained and empathetic counsellor nudge me along and explain a lesson to me in MY context, when I got stuck.
Shrishti, Mitsu user
Rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ on Google Play Store
Best decision I made in life
Undoubtedly the one of the best decision I made in life was spending on this app for my wellbeing. It empowers u to self heal with a expert. (In my case indebted to ms. RAKSHA) she has given that soft nudge wen need and always a lot of kind words. And a loads of patience to hear me out. Wen no one was there. .. (mind u it not easy to come out and seek help) . She made me to DO the WORK.
Lakshmi CS, Mitsu user
Rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ on Google Play Store
Life-changing, support for all questions
Today is modern life anxiety is coman all people's. Mitsucare good App. For self Guidance theorpy. And learn about fight with negative thaughts. Learn about emotions . Breath control techniques is help for our Anxiety. Small viedio change life. Week by week we show improvement. And back and team is also support for all query. Theropiest s great support through the time.
Parth Patel, Mitsu user
Rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ on Google Play Store
Scientific and top notch
I wanted a way to feel better that was scientific but that I could do myself, and Mitsu delivered. The videos are top notch. And being able to chat with a psychologist to clear my doubts helped me feel a lot more grounded, much more quickly than muddling through alone
Rohan Jaikishen, Mitsu user
Rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ on Google Play Store

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is for anyone (18+) feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed, who is ready to make a change in their life in order to feel better.

More specifically, Mitsu is for anyone struggling with a range of negative thought, emotional, and behavioural patterns – such as excess worry; overthinking; dwelling on the past; negativity and hopelessness; self-criticism and worthlessness; chronic guilt, shame, or sadness; persistent procrastination or demotivation; or emotional overwhelm – who wants to learn how to recognise and replace them with healthier patterns. includes:

  • Lifetime access to engaging videos that explain key concepts and techniques
  • Lifetime access to evidence-based skill-building activities
  • Lifetime access to evidence-based calming techniques
  • 10 weeks of unlimited chat support from an experienced therapist
  • 2 video calls with your therapist whenever you want them within the first 10 weeks
  • Daily mood tracking and journaling
  • Reminders and prompts to keep going
  • Additional calls and extended chat support from your therapist are available at an additional cost
Mitsu’s program costs include:
  •  the intro call with your therapist (₹399)
  •  8-week, personalized program (₹4,000), which is about 70% less than the price of taking in-person sessions


Still, have doubts? You can do a 1-week trial of the program, for the following costs:
  • the intro call with your therapist (₹399)
  • one-week trial of the program (₹599). Upgrade at any time and get access to the remaining 7 program weeks (₹3,401)

Yes! The average Mitsu member experiences an 80% decrease in their symptoms of poor mental health after 8 weeks in our program.

Members tend to notice smaller improvements earlier, however, at the midpoint of the program. By 4 weeks, Mitsu members experience ~45% decrease in their symptoms on average.

Mitsu’s program was developed by our in-house team of clinical psychologists, led by our Head of Clinical Program, Dr. Mrigaya Sinha, Ph.D. (NIMHANS) and Post-Doc (Staunton Clinic, USA).

Dr. Sinha’s expertise ensured the program is evidence-based, meaning it is rooted in some of the most-studied and beneficial modes of therapy for people struggling with stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms. These include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), each of which has a strong body of evidence attesting to their effectiveness. For more information on this research, visit our Evidence page.

Disclaimer program is not designed to support mental health emergencies or crises such as those relating to abuse, trauma, severe mental illness, psychosis, self-harm, or suicidal thoughts. In such cases, we urge you to take help from a trusted loved one and immediately seek emergency medical care from a psychiatrist, clinical psychologist or a counselor. You can also access immediate crisis support via one of the following 24/7 helplines: Tele-MANAS (14416 and 1-800-891-4416); Vandravela Foundation (99996 66555).