how to get motivated again

How to Get Motivated Again

Learn how to get motivated again from clinical psychologist Vidula V Sawant.




It’s OK for even the most driven people to feel moments of demotivation. We can’t be always excited and enthusiastic about everything.


Go-getters feel demotivated when they are burnt out, when they experience setbacks, when they are overwhelmed by the high expectations they have set for themselves, or when they lose a clear sense of vision.


So, how can you get motivated again?


When this happens to you, it’s OK to focus and take a deep breath.


Break down your bigger goals into smaller, achievable tasks. Write these tasks down. You will start to regain momentum whenever you check off these tasks one by one.


It’s also important to celebrate small steps of success. It may sound silly, but smaller steps of success actually help us go get to the bigger things. Celebration is vital for motivation.


Other ways of finding your drive again might include:


Taking a break to reset. Sometimes a break from routine can be the best way to refresh your mind. If a holiday is possible, take it. If not, try including small self-care breaks in your schedule throughout the week.


Practising self compassion. Remind yourself that it’s okay to not always be ‘on’ and charging forward. You’re not a machine, and it’s okay to just coast.


Seeking support from friends and colleagues. An encouraging word can help you keep going, even when you don’t feel like it. Or, perhaps a friend or colleague can help by taking a task off your plate, so you can rest and reset.



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Vidula V Sawant (M.A., M.Phil., CRR No. A80980) is a clinical psychologist with  4+ years of experience and a passion for understanding the complexities of our minds and behaviours.

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