how to cope with failure at work

How to Cope With Failure at Work, When You’re Used to Success

How do you cope with failure at work when you’re used to being a success? Clinical psychologist Raksha Rajesh shares some tips for high-performers who are facing a setback and feeling stress, shame, or worthlessness.



As a high achiever at work, when you encounter certain setbacks in your life, it can be daunting, disappointing, confusing and sometimes may lead to certain feelings of failure. You may even dismiss the kind of successes that you have had before, which then just adds to the vicious cycle of feeling like a failure all over again.


Now what can you do about it?


Here’s a tip: Take a step back and try to reassess the kind of standards that you set for yourself. As and when we grow, we evolve. There are so many other things that come as a part of our life, and there are so many more responsibilities that we have to cater to. We can’t be 100% everywhere, but we can readjust the kind of expectations that we set of ourselves in different areas of life. And maybe that can be a very essential part for you.



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Raksha Rajesh (M.Sc., M.Phil., CRR No. A80195) is a clinical psychologist licensed by the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). She has 5+ years of experience in helping people from diverse backgrounds build skills to understand and manage their emotions.

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